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Benefits of Homeschooling


Helps develop independent thinking, learning skills, and self-management


Gives kids the space and support to explore themselves philosophically, emotionally and even spiritually


Helps children communicate their passions and areas of struggle and shift the course of their learning to address these


About Us

As homeschoolers, we know firsthand that getting out and about and having fun with your child is paramount to everyone’s sanity and health!  We also know that having fun as part of your homeschooling journey helps children retain and process information. 


Homeschool Events & Fun was started to create events that challenge, inspire, stretch and most of all create fun environments for our homeschool kids to hang out together, whilst trying new adventures on for size.


As a group we are able to secure better prices and make it more affordable for us all to do things.  Whilst also ensuring our kids get to spend time together having fun!


Please get in touch if you have any events you would like us to organise.  Although our little homeschooler is 12, we will try and make sure there are always events for everyone of all ages.

Homeschool Community and Resources

Buy a book and help keep us running!

We do not make a profit from the events we run, we bring them to you for what it costs us to run them.  To help keep our site and these events running you can help us by purchasing our book, which we wrote during our homeschool journey. It's called 'My Wibberly Wobberly Tooth' 

'My tooth's coming out! It can be a bit scary, so it's time that I told you of the awesome Tooth Fairy.'

The picture book guide to the tooth fairy, complete with instructions on how to make your very own Tooth Fairy Pillow!  $19.95 which includes postage. $1 from every book sale goes to charity. This year we would like to support the work being done by The Australian Koala Foundation.


5 stars Booktopia

Gorgeous book perfectly written to bring the tooth fairy to life. We purchased the book the same day my daughter lost her tooth, and we're able to whip up an adorable tooth fairy pillow before bedtime!

-Catherine H. Australia

What a lovely book for young readers and their parents! Every child loses teeth - so every child would love this book! I have bought four copies for each of my grandchildren's households; they will love reading them on Xmas day!

-Mike Ch, Kent England

A great book with a nice little surpise in the back, Love it!  Great for Young Readers because it's written by a Young Reader.

-Jay Mac, Gold Coast

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